About Us

Welcome to Light Kidz, where we celebrate the radiant light within every child. As a Christian mom of two boys, Canaan-Light and Zachary, I founded this brand to reflect their joyful spirits and the inspiration they bring to my life. 

At Light Kidz, we design and create children's clothing with a touch of divine inspiration. Our mission is to spread joy, positivity, and faith through our garments, empowering children to shine brightly and embrace their unique purpose in the world.

Each design is thoughtfully crafted to reflect the love and grace of Christ, allowing children to wear their beliefs proudly and share God's light with those around them.  We believe that when children wear clothing that embodies Christian values, it can have a profound impact on their character development, nurturing love, kindness, and integrity.

Join us on this journey of faith, fashion, and inspiration as we make a positive difference in the lives of children and families worldwide. Together, let's LIGHT UP the world with God's love, one child at a time.



Wahde-Mai (Founder, Light Kidz)